The St. Martin of Tours Community Parenting Education Series is produced by St. Martin of Tours School. The series presents nationally recognized speakers on topics related to the development and growth of children from kindergarten through young adulthood.

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Past Events

Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Mindful Parenting: Finding Calm in the Chaos
Denise Roy, LMFT, M.Div.
Denise Roy is a psychotherapist and author of the award-winning books MOMFULNESS: Mothering with Mindfulness, Compassion, and Grace and MY MONASTERY IS A MINIVAN. She is a popular speaker, offering parents practical and enjoyable ways to find moments of calm while juggling careers, kids, and carpools. Incorporating research from neuroscience, attachment theory, psychology, and mindfulness, Roy teaches simple yet transformative practices. Thousands of people nationwide have benefited from her presentations, learning how attuned and mindful parenting can foster secure, confident, and emotionally intelligent children – and happier parents! Publishers’ Weekly says of Denise, ‘Roy's anecdotes are fresh and her storytelling colorful and imaginative.'

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Digital Tattoo
Erica Pelavin, Ph.D.
Dr. Erica Pelavin and Gloria Moskowitz-Sweet are the founders of My Digital TAT2. Their mission is to help educators, parents, and students work together to create a community of kindness and respect both on and offline. This interactive presentation will provide an overview of the digital landscape and explore the benefits and challenges parents and children are facing today as they live in a 24 hour digital media world. Through short video clips and group discussion, parents will learn about cyber-bullying, digital tattoos, social networking sites and common sense strategies for cyber-safety. Overuse and Supervision will also be explored. Parents will leave with cyber-sense and tools to help guide their children to become smart, ethical producers and consumers of technology.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Raising Happiness
Christine Carter, Ph.D.
A sociologist and happiness expert at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, Christine Carter, Ph.D. is the author of RAISING HAPPINESS: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents. Dr. Carter also writes a blog for Greater Good, which is syndicated on the Huffington Post and Carter has helped thousands of parents find more joy in their parenting while raising happy, successful and resilient kids. Known for her parenting and relationship advice, Carter draws on psychology, sociology, neuroscience, and uses her own chaotic and often hilarious real-world adventures as a mom to demonstrate the do’s and don’ts in action.