Over 94% of our students in grades 5th-8th participate in after school sports.  Our after school sports programs include girls and boys volleyball, boys flag football, boys and girls basketball, girls softball and boys and girls track. The programs focus on teamwork, skills, good sportsmanship and respect. We host a Bengal Classic girls volleyball tournament in the Fall and a Bengal Classic boys basketball tournament in the Winter.


Coupled with the other academic subjects, music helps our students to develop creative thinking skills which enhances their ability to tackle challenges of the 21st Century. Students who want additional music experience can participate in Bengal Choir (beginning in 3rd grade) or Concert Band programs (beginning in 5th grade), which occur before school during the school week. 


Students learn basic design, photography, publication writing and layout skills to create a school yearbook that represents the student body and school community. The year begins by planning the coverage for the school year and designing a unifying theme. Students will study magazine journalism including layout and design techniques, writing and editing copy, headlines and picture captions. Students will learn about the study and practice of gathering and analyzing information, interviewing, note taking and photography. Students will also explore planning, marketing and help to distribute the yearbook at the end of the year. In addition to this, students will learn to proof pages appropriately and represent student voice and experiences.  

Yearbook Concepts Include:

  • Applying the basic principles of design and layout

  • Operate Yearbook software program

  • Write copy for captions and text

  • Shoot, select, and crop photographs for layout

  • Execute a publication strategy

  • Sell ads

  • Distribute yearbooks