Music Education is a fundamental part of our academic curriculum at St. Martin’s. We believe strongly in educating the whole child, with the creative side of the child as part of their complete development. The incorporation of music is not extracurricular; it is offered during the academic school day. In these classes, children work creatively with others while exploring their own individual talents. Coupled with the other academic subjects, music helps our students to develop creative thinking skills which enhances their ability to tackle challenges of the 21st Century.

General Music is offered from TK-3rd Grade. In 4th-6th Grades, there are two options: General Music (Music Appreciation) or Band. Band then continues as an elective in 7th-8th Grades. Our two music instructors, Ken Kuhns and Amelia Vitarelli, are both highly trained and professional music teachers, who create plans and curricula that are in line with California State Standards of Music Education and the National Standards for Music Education.


Our Spanish language program begins with introduction to the language in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade, where the students are exposed to the language through a once per week class in each level. In these classes, the students both sing and move to Spanish songs, as well as write simple phrases. The students are also read bilingual stories during these grades. In 4th through 6th Grades, the students have Spanish class an increased two days as week, where the focus turns to more conversation practice, study of how the language works (infinitive verbs, conjugating them, higher vocabulary). This then expands to study of the language with a full Spanish language immersion class in both seventh and eighth grade four days per week.  Students graduate prepared to handle the demands of high school Spanish, as well as being highly proficient in understanding and speaking the language.