Founded in 1955, St. Martin of Tours School is conveniently located just off I-280 and I-880.  Originally staffed by the Religious Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary, the school opened in September 1955 with 240 children enrolled in the first five classes.  During the next three years, one class was added each year. Conditions in the school were so crowded by 1958 that the Pastor requested permission to build another four classrooms, followed by an additional four classrooms in 1961.

What began as an 8-classroom building to serve the 1,728 parish children of preschool and school age, has grown into a school community that includes a highly trained teaching staff equipped to educate children from transitional kindergarten through eighth grade.  Beyond the basics, St. Martin of Tours School  offers a broad program that includes music, performance band, art, and foreign language in a joyous environment that fosters curiosity and a love of learning.