St. Martin of Tours School offers a full day Kindergarten program with two full time teachers and a teaching assistant in addition to multiple teaching specialists, allowing us to offer small group instruction in all core subjects. We strive to understand each child’s unique style of learning and work daily to balance academics, socialization, spirituality, and community.

Our Educational Philosophy

At St. Martin's we believe that learning is a joyful, active, life-long experience. It does not begin or end in a classroom, and is not always confined to one. We build on a child’s natural curiosity about the world around them.


Language Arts

At the core of the Kindergarten curriculum are Language Arts and Math. Throughout the day we work on key literacy skills. These include letter identification, phonological awareness, phonics, and concepts of print. These key skills lay the groundwork for the reading and writing skills we develop as the year progresses.


The math curriculum focuses on sorting, counting, comparing, patterning and sequencing. When students have a solid understanding of these concepts we build on them as we begin to learn about operations and algebraic thinking. We explore these concepts using hands-on manipulatives and play based activities.

These core subjects are taught using a variety of methods and activities in both small and large groups as well as through independent work and individual instruction. Our class is grouped and regrouped many times throughout the day to accommodate the academic and developmental needs of the individual student and the class as a whole.


Religious instruction in Kindergarten follows the liturgical calendar and encourages students to become followers of Jesus.

Social Studies and Science

We use Science and Social Studies content to actively engage students and provide opportunities for students to practice the Language Arts and math skills they have learned.

Physical Education, Art, and Music are also included in the Kindergarten curriculum with specialized teachers in these subject areas.

In addition to the academic goals we have for our students, we also work on patience, discipline, manners and perseverance. We believe that these are just as, if not more important, and are essential skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.


  • Students must be 5 years old by September 1st