At St. Martin of Tours, we recognize that every child learns differently, and we foster these differences.  The Learning Lab provides targeted academic support for students and teachers to help meet the needs of a variety of learning styles.  Additionally, the Learning Lab staff works with small groups of students to focus on their specific learning needs.  The staff coordinates with teachers to identify students who may benefit from extra academic and organizational support and creates lessons targeted to those needs.  The lessons focus on the development of reading and math skills.  Enrichment and study skills classes are also provided.  Student attendance varies based on the current needs and assessments of each student.

The Learning Lab supports approximately 70 students from grades kindergarten through 8th each week.  With these opportunities for growth and enrichment, students can focus on specific skills such as study strategies, writing, reading comprehension, math solving skills, and phonemic awareness. A variety of teaching techniques and strategies are utilized during instruction.  Additional opportunities for enrichment such as project-based mathematics, writing intervention, and novel-based reading groups are also available.  Learning Lab staff work closely with teachers regarding student progress and offer additional reading and math assessments, as well as educational support materials.  Students are assessed regularly to measure progress and new learning plans are created as needed.