St. Martin of Tours School believes that access to technology and the Internet promotes and supports educational excellence and enhances learning beyond the classroom.  Technology and the Internet provide a multitude of services and resources, which allow collaboration, communication, and sharing of information and resources.  The school fosters the use of these tools and resources as an integral part of student learning and classroom instruction.  

St. Martin of Tours school utilizes Google Apps for Education among the faculty, staff and middle school students.  This allows the faculty, staff and students to collaborate, communicate, and share information with each other at anytime and on virtually any device. Students in fifth through eighth grades have access to 1:1 iPads, and sixth through eighth grade students have a personally assigned iPad which they work with at school and at home. TK through fourth grade have twenty iPads per class, allowing for small group, station rotation work. The use of iPads throughout the campus grants teachers the unique ability to wirelessly manage all devices through the Apple Classroom app. This ensures that students are on task and getting the most out of instructional time.  

In order to fully engage students in the curriculum, each classroom has a SMART board or projector and an AppleTV. With this technology, information can be wirelessly shared with the whole group, freeing teachers from the tether of the computer and enabling them to have more hand on time with the students. 

With the ongoing development and implementation of new technology, St. Martin of Tours School challenges students to demonstrate knowledge through innovation and brings the best of what 21st century has to offer into the classroom.