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Our goal is to welcome all learners and remove any potential barriers for families joining our community. For this reason we operate on a rolling admissions process. Applying is as  easy as:

Fill out our application
Schedule a meet and greet (TK-K) or a shadow visit (1st-8th grade)
Wait for acceptance notification* and enroll

*Acceptance decisions based on availability of space in class. Students will be placed on a wait list if there is no space available. 

All Inclusive Tuition Model

In years prior, our tuition covered a portion of what it costs to educate each child. The rest was charged through various fees. With our new model, tuition encompasses more than just what happens in the classroom.

Tuition Assistance

It is our goal that a St. Martin's education is attainable for all. We encourage families to apply early for our tuition assistance program.

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