Frequently Asked Questions

Will the event be canceled due to rain?

No. The event will continue rain or shine. We do make an effort to shelter our guests from the weather. No refunds will be issued.

Do you have to walk or can you drive the tour?

You must begin at home #1 to pick up your program and check in. After that, you can view the remaining homes in any order you wish. Each year the tour is different. You will be notified upon check in of the recommendation of walking the tour (2 miles or under). You always have the option to walk or drive.

Can you purchase tickets on-site the day of?

Tickets will be sold at house #1, the weekend of the event for $45 each. The starting/check-in house is at 1265 Hanchett Avenue.

Does my child need a ticket?

No children under 12 are permitted on the tour. All attendees must have a ticket.

What address is the start for the tour?

The Rose Garden neighborhood limits are from Bascom Avenue to The Alameda and Naglee Avenue to Hedding Street. A map of the homes will be available at the first home on the tour. Upon purchase of tickets, you will be notified of house #1. We do not publicize the addresses of all homes on the tour ahead of time.

Can you begin the tour at any time?

You can begin the tour at any time however the tour typically takes two hours. We end promptly at 4pm each day.

Are shoes or bare feet allowed in the homes?

No. For your comfort and the protection of the homes, you will be required to wear booties while inside the homes. Bare feet are also not allowed in the homes. Please reuse your booties as you travel from home to home.